Happy Christmas ..and junk

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.. those who dont celebrate it.. please dont take the day off of work.. thanks!

I had a great one.. Special K, bless her heart, gave me a Transformers action figure.. there’s a story behind it.. ask me sometime. PDub gave me a Nintendo Monopoly game.. that was neat too!

We went and saw Mannheim Steamroller on the 26th.. that was mostly fun! It started off a bit rough.. but ended up juuuust great!

Last night was good too.. went to Genji with Special K, Teleshka, Pdub and wife.. Boobies was supposed to go.. but he didnt.. I was actually gonna invite Aiden and Plunderbunny.. but I was gonna pay and I didn’t think I coulda afford everyone.. which it turned out I could have.. cuz Im reeeeally bad at math and had more than enough.. but what can you do? Afterwards we came back to my place and played some Wii. That was tons of fun!

So much so, I’ll be having another Wii party on Friday! Can’t wait!