Weekend Update

Hello kids,
I had a great weekend!
Spent some quality time with Spacial K, we went to some christmas-y orchestra thingy.. that was interesting… staying awake was a challenge. I made her pay by making farting noises in a crowded elevator. 😀
Then PDub came over to try out the Wii.. I actually stomped somebody for a change! I got 40 in a row in tennis.. I’m sure I’ll pay for that eventually though.

  • Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t mention that I got like 17 in a row which totally blew your previous high score away and basically showed you how to excel at Wii tennis. I was also the one who showed you how to makes the serves really fast when you are playing head-to-head. Give a brotha some love. I may suck at most video games but when it only involves fast twitch reaction I can hold my own.

  • Gross.. I have no interest in thinking about you “holding your own”.. I guess it’s better than holding someone else’s.
    But ok, yes PDub.. you are my muse.. you do bring out the best in me.. Wii-wise, of course.