You lose some, you lose some…

So there I was..
This weekend was pretty good..
Helped Special K move.. got to see her really stressed out, not too bad.. I can take her!
Made a good decision that somehow managed to still backfire on me.
Went to church with Special K, her mom, Pdub and his wife.. to see some Xmas production.
That was neat.. they had camels, sheep, and all kinds of goodness.. too christmas-y for me though.
Don’t get me wrong.. I’m no scrooge.. but I can only take so much “good will towards men” talk.. it seems I’m not alone.. as I drive around town I notice that less and less homes are lit up for christmas this year. Silly too, so many people have so many reasons to be thankful.. but christmas still manages to die a little more each year.
Bah! Humbug!