Yup.. apparently I’m looking forward to Metroid on the Wii? I dunno.. never been much a fan of the first-person Metroid games but last night all I could dream about was Metroid!

In my dream, I was in the game.. my 2 brothers and I had the arm attachments for laser and rockets.. we were on some kind of ship looking for some bad guys.. we split up and started searching the ship.. I found a power up.. it was a monocle for my right eye.. it let me see through walls.. that was cool.. then there was a dog.. a German Shepherd.. I first saw him in the ship earlier.. but he was a pup.. after I got the power up I saw him again.. but he was full grown.. and mad.

Me being the animal lover I am, I couldnt kill him.. so I just avoided him as best I could as I searched the ship.

It was a weird dream.. lots of running, lots of fear.. expecting either the bad guy or the dog to be around the next corner.. but nothing happened in the dream.. I fired my gun at the walls a few times just to get a feel for it.. but I didnt get to kill anything in the dream.. kinda disappointing. 🙂

Anyway.. a great nights’ sleep.. but I’m sooo exhausted from running all night.