Me again..


  • It snowed like 6-8 inches this weekend.. me hates snow.
  • My car is at the body shop getting fixed finally.. me carless in Omaha
  • Since I’m carless I took the week off of work so I can do some web training.

That’s it in a nutshell.. I had some weird dreams last night.. they’re slowly fading from my memory.. but I remember 3 vultures eating another bird… like a wounded hawk.. before it was dead.. so I tried to rescue the hawk and then the vultures turned on me and started trying to eat my arms.. I had to spit in their eyes to escape. I escaped into a hospital.. for some reason while I was in or near the hospital I could fly.. that was cool. Once I was back outside.. the sky was all gloomy and I could hear church people having some kind of outside gathering.. and the non-churchgoers on the street were talking about how silly the religious people were for being afraid of the evil that was coming.. freaky deaky shizzle.

That’s what I get for sleeping in, I guess.