PR Dream

Had an aaaawsome dream..

Special k and I went to PR for a few days.. some place on the west side, not San Juan.. I got there ahead of her to scope things out.. drove there.. well.. brought my car in a ferry or something.. my car. a 87 Buick Regal .. oh yea! I stopped at a little hotel and some guy offered to buy my car.. said Id let him know. I got a room.. it was an ok room, but the bathroom was waaay small.. so I turned in the room and drove off. I stopped close to the beach when I saw a bunch of tourists taking pictures of something.. I got out to look and saw that there were like 100 Macaw Parrots on the beach, trees, everywhere.. lots of Macaws. I thought it cool and then drove off again.. I found this huge cathedral by the coast further north.. I stopped there and they had hundreds of statues of saints.. it was beautifully laid out.. like an epic battle battle or something.. lots of statues, a beautiful garden, the sunset, the beach.. it was wonderful.. and large! So large that in order to take it all in, I sprouted wings and started to hover above it all.. once I did that, I feared someone may see me so I landed again and drove off to meet up with Special K.

We met up in a hotel, checked in and did a little sight-seeing.. then we checked out and went to a huge casino/hotel.. checked in and got a room where massages were waiting for us… that was neat.. then the casino/hotel had a huge water park inside it with lots of rides and slides.. we did that and met up with another couple while waiting in line.. we chatted about how great the place is and shared all the great places to see.

…then the alarm went off.