Get Rich or Die Tryin

I’m a fruitcake.. yup. Anyone who’s spent an hour with me knows that I’m just about as loopy as the Batman ride at Six Flags. I know it.. I make no attempts to hide my insanity.. don’t ge me wrong.. I’m not “I hear voices”-crazy, but I definitely keep my thoughts away from the box.. like in the Matrix, “There is no spoon”.. to me, There is no box!

Alot of people don’t get me.. but at least people like me.. gosh darn it! See.. in my insanity I’ve developed a twisted view of reality.. just like there is no box, there is no earth. I feel like I’m viewing my life from a 3rd person perspective.. sometimes the camera zooms in so I can only see what’s immediately around me.. other times it zooms out so I can see the world and all the chaos on it. Of course that particular view does nothing to make me feel good.. so the camera zooms in onto the simplest of forms.. animals.

I take my cues in life from two sources.. The deity formally known as Jesus, and animals. Now I’m not here to turn anyone to Christianity.. that boat has been rocked more times that I care to count.. and even such a genius as I cannot fabricate the logic needed to convince anyone of anything.. however, the story told of Jesus does serve as an inspiration to me as to how a person should be. Kind, Compassionate, Sincere.. Good. I like him because even he wasn’t perfect.. he got angry, he lost his faith, he was human. So I try to be like him.. as much as pride will let me.

Animals serve as inspiration for one simple reason.. they are tenacious! Listen in the morning.. you’ll hear birds singing.. a bird.. be he hungry, thirsty, lonely, cold, warm, even missing a leg that was ripped off by the neighbors kitty.. will still sing his little heart out each morning! A squirrel.. ever get one of those “Anti-Squirrel” bird feeders? They will stop at nothing to figure it out and get some grub! Animals appreciate life.. well, all animals except man (and some Tigers).

So I try to live my life in the same respect as the aforementioned. I’m not perfect.. not by a longshot.. but I know that I can make a difference, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I can be a good person.. and I will keep trying until it kills me.

Man.. it’s too early for this crap.