300 – The Movie – The Review

“No Retreat, No Surrender”, Remember that.. you’ll likely hear that 1 or 15 times in this movie. 300 – The movie, based on Frank Miller’s 300 – The comic book, based on the Battle of Thermopylae.. an historical event. So I guess this movie is Faction, part fact – part fiction. Much like the movies Titanic and Pearl Harbor. My take on it, I liked it and I’ll most likely watch it again. Here’s my list of ProCons:


  • Good CGI
    • Taking into consideration that this movie was filmed almost entirely in a studio and the background are mostly computer-rendered is very impressive. It is executed almost perfectly as I did not find myself “aware” of the CGI-ness of it all. Very rare, especially for someone as picky as I.
  • Bullet-time death scenes
    • There’s nothing like watching a spear go through a poor lad in slow-motion! The CGI effects were amazing and believable!
  • Exaggerated Audio
    • The tiniest sounds were amplified and granted copious amounts of bass. Watching the main character perform such a mundane task such as placing his spear gently in the ground while having it sound like he placed a 5 ton boulder onto the ground was quite.. cool.


  • Speed
    • Although I enjoyed the movie, a lot of it is presented through a narrative and I found myself wishing they would “get on with it, already!”. This made me “time-aware”, which is never a good thing in a movie.. it should engross you and not let you slip back into the theater.
  • Bad Visuals
    • As I mentioned above, most of this movie is computer-rendered. The majority of the time is was very well done, but on several occasions it seemed rather rushed. One scene in particular had arrows sticking out of a guy’s chest, as he moved around, the arrows moved with him.. but it looked very fake which took a tad bit away from my enjoyment. Of course, I’m very picky when it comes to CGI (even picking out the .00001 second scene in Shreck where his eyeball protrudes through his eyelid!) so this will probably go unnoticed by most. The next thing I wasn’t too keen on was the lack of color. I know this is Frank Miller’s style, much like in Sin City, but I’ve been watching Rome on HBO a lot and I’ve come to expect bright colors when visualizing events of that era. Again, I’m a picky purple people eater.. so most viewers will actually like Frank’s visualization technique.
  • No Retreat, No Surrender
    • One more time.. No Retreat, No Surrender. Any chance we can stick that into the script a few more times? I get it, the Spartans never retreat and never surrender.. but every time you say it, it reminds me of a certain martial arts film.. what was it called again? Oh ya, “No Retreat, No Surrender“!!!

There you have it, folks! Thanks for reading, now let the review-reviewing begin!

  • I agree with the pros in your review, and I don’t like being redundant, so I won’t mention them again.

    Your Cons:
    Speed-I actually liked the narrative, especially at the end when you can see the narrator speaking to the different groups even though his speach is continuous. I didn’t find myself looking at my watch at all, but maybe that it because I have a pretty good internal clock and I knew the movie wasn’t supposed to be over yet.

    Bad Visuals-You really must be picky about the CGI mistakes because I didn’t notice any at all. I guess we should agree to disagree on that.
    As far as the color I have never seen Rome on HBO so I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what stuff from that era should look like and I thought the dulled colors actually added to the movie by not having you focus on them.

    No Retreat, No Surrender-I suppose this didn’t bother me because I have never heard of the movie you are refering to, so again we should agree to disagree.

    Overall I thought this was a kickass movie and will probably be buying it on DVD whenever it comes out.

  • Well, I DID mention that I’m super picky.. but overall I enjoyed the flick and WILL be.. well, downloading it ASAP.

  • XenNexus

    Just saw it, awesome movie..
    I’ll get is as soon as it comes out on DVD!