5 Tips for starting your own business

  1. Think man, Think!
    • Often times people want to start a business.. there’s a spark that lights up in their head which gives them 100% confidence that they just came up with the idea which will make them millionaires! I myself have been snatched away from my dreams, high as a kite with an idea and visions of jumping into pools of money like Scrooge McDuck.. only to run it past my best friend, Google, to find out that it has been done.. sometimes better than what I envisioned. It was a sad day when I came to the realization that just about anything I can think of has already been thought of! Does this mean there’s no opportunity? Of course there is! The most successful businesses today aren’t doing something new.. they’re just doing it in new ways! Google didn’t invent searching, Flickr didn’t invent photo-sharing, Skype didn’t invent VOIP.. but they each put a unique spin on an old trick! So it’s important to think long and hard when coming up with a business idea, keep it fresh and keep it simple!
  2. What’s in a name?
    • Naming your business.. be careful and THINK AHEAD! Find a name that’s catchy, easy to remember, and maybe even describes what you do! DON’T use your name in the business! Say you start a dog walking company, you make it big and one day decide to sell the company.. what do you think will sell better: Joe’s Dog Walking Co. OR PuppySteps?? Lastly, make sure you get a good domain name for your site.. visit NodeNamer.com and search to make sure your domain name is available! It may be rough, but it IS possible to buy a good domain name. Make sure you buy a .com, not .net, .org, etc.. people EXPECT .com and you’ll be losing business if you don’t have one. Also, avoid long hyphenated domain names.. go for PuppySteps.com, not puppy-steps.com .. people like things simple.
  3. The long arm of the law
    • Read up on business law a little. Is it best to become an LLC, Inc, Co?? Each business is different, do the research to find out which is right for you and avoid yourself trouble down the road. I also don’t recommend doing all the legal work unless you actually have a product. Why pay all the fees when there’s a chance that the core of the business can change or maybe not even happen at all?
  4. 8 Seconds – wait for it!
    • Starting a business is like riding a bull.. I assume, I’ve never ridden a bull. However, a lot of would-be business owners are afraid to commit, they start a business with one foot in the door. The 1st sign of trouble and they close up shop! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built without bloodshed! Your business requires your commitment to succeed! After all if you don’t believe in it, who will?
  5. Greed Kills.
    • Trying to get rich quick by starting a business is, well, bad business! Some businesses will start off charging incredible prices for products or services and then wonder why no one’s biting.. um, hello? Take lesson from the street dealers.. 1st one’s free, 2nd one isn’t! Letting customers try something with no risk is a no-brainer. Get customers acclimated to your product and simply charge incremental fees based on the services/products provided. A million 1 dollar bills is STILL a million dollars!

There you go. By no means is this the end-all of business tips.. do your research, work hard, be honest.. and the bees will seek out your flowers.