I wanna be a cow boy baby..

So ok.. here’s a weird one for ya..

In my dream I somehow came to be the owner of three cows.. someone abandoned them at my house.. two of them appeared to be dead.. the other close to death.. so I called a vet to come look.. it took forever for the vet to arrive.. and I was terrified to go near the cows.. I mean, what if it’s contagious?! So I waited and waited.. almost sure the cow would die.. finally the vet shows up.. and it turns out all three are alive.. but barely, so the vet takes them away. After a few days, he returns with three healthy cows and leaves them with me.. along with a bill, of course.

Then I woke up. karazy, huh?

  • XenNexus

    Intersting, Pharaoh dreams about cows in the book of Gen 41:1
    Not that it has nothing to do with your dream.

    Perhaps you may want to look at a Dream Dictionary concerning cows.
    “but who believes in such nonsense” 😉

  • Well, studies show that the brain definitely does not sleep when we do.. it keeps on thinking, assigning meaning and depth to the things it has taken in.
    So I’m near certain that my dreams mean something.. but not something I can find in a book.
    The book would not know what I have taken in, it wouldnt know what my brain is processing.. therefore it would be useless. Sure.. some may say that cows represent growth, or that a cow “signifies your obedience to authority without question” .. but again, the dream is a personal thing, an abstract image of something my brain is trying to resolve or define.
    So a cow to you may mean you like steak.. to me, it could mean that I need to find someone to milk. 🙂