La Di Da Di, We likes to potty..

Snow pooped out from the heavens yet again! You DO know how much I hates the snow, dotcha? Grr..

Spent what seemed to be an eternity at K’s thursday clearing out snow with her.. was super sore friday.. I am totally out of shape, I tell ya! Did manage to watch Pan’s Labyrinth tho.. that was cool.. finally a fairy tale that’s NOT kid friendly! I got irked by little things.. like the subtitles.. sure, most of the time it was spot on, but occasionally it would say something different.. not TOO different, but enough to get my goat.. poor fella. Still, I enjoyed it.. fshizzle.

Finally made it home today.. only to be greeted by the snow that I had been avoiding at my own house.. saki saki.. good thing I gots me a snow blower. 🙂 They say it’ll be warm sunday.. who knows if “they” can be trusted.. but I’m hopin!