Livin La Vida Corta..

During one of my many daily web-surfing sessions I stumbled across a site that served to offer advise on giving presentations and being confident while doing so. It was filled with great advise, I wish I remembered the URL to include it here. However, one of the things I realized is that most of the tips provided I was already engaging in.. not while giving presentations, but while living life in general.

Two of the tips that stood out to me, I paraphrase:

  • Convince yourself that the opinion of the crowd is unimportant.
    • We usually live our lives wondering how others will view us.. trying to keep doing and saying things that others will find acceptable. Doing so may be good for the masses.. as that’s what keeps them “the masses”. However there are those of us that aren’t set here to follow, but rather to lead.. it is by disregarding the “common” way that we set ourselves apart and become trend setters.
  • Don’t place too much importance on things that don’t matter.
    • Life is short.. don’t waste it all making mountains out of molehills. When something is stressing you out and you feel like the world is about to end, picture yourself years from now, about to pass on.. your closest friends and family gathered about you.. is what’s stressing you out going to still be important then? Will it be something that you talk about even as you go to pass on? If not, then take a deep breath and let it go. Don’t place too much importance on insignificant events.. there’s plenty of wonder still unnoticed in our life.. focus on that.