Jason Mraz Concert

Jason Mraz.. who is he? Perhaps you have heard some of his more famous songs: The Remedy, WordPlay, or Geek in the Pink?? If you haven’t heard of the bloke I severely recommend you download/buy some of his stuff. While his “poppy” songs are great, I am enamored by some of the songs which aren’t played on the radio.. songs that fit me personally.. songs like ‘Sleep All Day’ or ‘10,000 MotherFuckers’.. those are some great songs.

I’ve been a fan of Jason’s for about 732 years now.. I have heard all his songs (or so I thought) but I’ve never seen him Live. He’s come close to Omaha, but not close enough.. Colorado and Missouri, but not Nebraska (to my knowledge). Last night, however, he was in Lincoln, Nebraska! So it would have been a sin for me not to go.

I took Special K with me. The doors opened at 7 so we left Omaha at 5, arrived there close to 6 and the line had already formed. On the way to the concert I devised a game where K and I would pick 5 songs each that we thought he would perform and then see who was right afterwards. Once we arrived we stood in line for an hour, in what seemed to be 30-40 degree temperature.. I didn’t wear a coat cuz I was trying to show off my new GeekaWear shirt. While standing in line it appeared, to me anyway, as if K and I were the chaperone’s for the event. Almost all who attended were college kids.. but then Lincoln is a college town and well, Jason seems to like those smarty kids. Luckily for K and I, we both look younger than we are.. so the young’ns took to us just fine. Finally the doors opened and let in we were. (Jedi, you not)

The “opener”, if you will, was a fella named Raul Midon, whom I’ve heard in another Jason song I’ve downloaded. From the song I listened to I would have pegged Raul to be this tall, dark-haired, light-skinned Hispanic guy dressed up in a tux like a Vegas performer. Instead Raul is a Blind, Dark-skinned Hispanic gentleman. That was a bit of a shock.. but wow can he play! He has some interesting talent.. for starters, he plays the guitar like no other.. not only does he strum the strings, but he also uses the body of the guitar as a drum.. but that’s not all, act now and he also has this weird way of using his mouth to sound like 2, count em!, 2 trumpets! Totally cool.

After several songs from Raul, Jason was finally up at bat. The rest of the show was the stuff of dreams. I’ve never enjoyed a performance as much as I did last night. Jason sounds EXACTLY the same Live as he does in the studio.. it’s amazing! Jason has an awesome voice with an unbelievable range that makes me green with envy, but he’s a great performer too. He works hard to get the crowd involved and he’s constantly spurting out witty remarks to keep everyone chuckling.. even during his songs, for instance in the middle of a particular song he chimed out “I lick em boom boom down”.. which is a line from an old white-boy rap song from 1-hit wonder SNOW (nice name for a white rapper, eh?), “Informer”.. remember it?

After playing countless songs, the show was over.. unfortunately K had a few too many drinks.. well, unfortunate for her anyway. The drive back was not nearly as fun as the drive to. It was almost midnight and totally silent all the way back, as K was working very hard to keep from sharing her drinks with my dashboard. All in all it was a great show and I look forward to seeing him many more times. I definitely recommend his music and his shows to anyone who can experience it.

By the way, K won the song guessing game.. he played 4 from her list and only 3 from mine.. but then she picked his radio songs.. duh! New rule.. no picking radio songs! 😀