Lion’s Den..ver

It’s 10:42pm, do you know where your Skid Vis is? I’ll give you a hint, Denver. ok, so that’s not much of a hint, but I’m tired.. so leave me alone. My watch says 10:42, but it’s 11:42 in dear ol’ Omaha so this old man is ready for bed.

To say I’ve had a bad weekend would be an understatement. It has been quite emotional but there has been some good to come out of it. For one, Jason Mraz is going to perform in Lincoln on the 12th.. of course I gots me some tickets!

So here I am in Denver for a few days of Web Dev training.. so far everything has gone smoothly.. the flight, the car rental, even the hotel room seems decent.. no sight of any bugs yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.. though that makes it hard to type!! I need to tell my GPS unit where I need to be tomorrow, then I’m off to bed. Hasta la pasta, people!

Day 1:

Started off with a trip to walgreens to pick up some essential hygiene supplies, they were so nice to hire a homeless person to greet people all the door.. that’s always pleasant. Then after a quick morning drive around sleepy downtown it’s off to class I go. Only another kid, myself, and the instructor.. should be nice and quick.

For lunch we went to the 16th street mall.. which is basically the heart of downtown.. lots and lots of stores, restaurants, everything! Even places like P.F.Chang’s and The Cheesecake Factory are reduced to the more ordinary status of places like McDonalds or Qdobas.. it’s an odd site considering in Omaha these places are “spotlight” locations. Had lunch at a cool place called Illegal Pete’s.. a lot like Qdobas or Chipotle’s, but it’s more a bar than a modern art-deco place.. I kinda liked it. Then back to class with a full tummy and visions of taking a nap running through my mind.. sigh.

Finally 5pm!! Off I went to see the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which is a neat sound stage god created for these fine folks. After that I walked around downtown for about 2 hours.. this place reminds me so of Connecticut.. sans the Puerto Ricans of course. It’s interesting to walk these streets alone.. normally the conversation partaken with a companion would drown out your surroundings, but alone I was privy to all sorts of interesting conversations as I walked with people. Even got the chance to play boy scout to a group of drunken women who did not know if it was safe to cross a street when the light is RED! Silly drunk people.

Once my feets started to hurt and i was tired of smelling homeless people, i decided to head back to my hotel.. grabbed some grub in the hotel diner, shared my night with my very Special K, and off to dreamland I went.

Day 2:

Day 2 didn’t start off as exciting as Day 1, I simply got up and went to class. Learned lots though, class was definitely more exciting on day 2.

For lunch we rode the downtown shuttle for about 10 minutes then walked for what seemed like 45 minutes, passing every restaurant and fast food joint imaginable.. I felt that if we kept walking we’d fall off the edge of the earth. We eventually found ourselves with 3 food choices.. a fish-taco place, and indian place, and a mexican place.. my choice… mexican! The place is called D’Corazon’s, it reminded me a little of my favorite mexican joint in Omaha, La Mesa.. only smaller.. a lot smaller.. but the food was great.. although smaller.. a lot smaller.. I see a trend.. on the bright side, the bill was smaller.. a lot smaller.. ok I’m done with that. 🙂 Afterwards a nice long trek back to class.. the walk did me good, I’m sure. Like all good things in my life, I have to get to them kicking and screaming. I’m such a child. Anyway, back to class to learn much more and fight away the sleep monsters.

5pm!! Time to go!!!! …pause… NOT!!! After class, my instructor was hosting a local user group so of course it would not have been polite for me to skip it, and who knows, I might learn something. So stick around I did.. I left briefly to run to Verizon and pick up a USB charging cord for my phone, who was barely clinging to battery life, only to find out later that it’s not a CHARGING USB cord.. grr! Back to the user group.. it was all well above my head, but I was glad I stuck around.

Dinner time.. after the group decided to break for pizza, I saw this as a good time to head off to dinner. I had a place in mind, a place called The Aquarium. It’s, well.. an aquarium.. with a restaurant in it. It was large (so was the bill) and it smelled like fish.. but then it’s one of the best seafood places in town, so of course it would. I enjoyed a steak wrap with steak fries.. I know, but I’m not big into seafood.. especially in an aquarium. To me that’s like walking up to a herd of cows and taking a bite out of one. I know, I’m weird, but you still love me.

After dinner I was plum tuckered so back to the hotel to share my day with my K and head off to slumberville.

Day 3:

Yaaawn, back to class after a good night’s sleep. Learned lots, but not enough to do anything. Then lunch time, a very short walk this time.. to that fish-taco place that was an option the day before.. only a closer location. The place is called Wahoo, and although they pimp the fish tacos, it’s pretty much another Qdoba’s/Chitpotle kind of place. Tacos, Burrito’s, etc.. except this place has a Skate/Surf/Ski theme. The food was yummy, although it stuck around for a while.. if’n ya know what I mean. Afterwards.. back to class.

5pm, time to skoot! My last day in Denver and I know my flight is just a few hours away. I like Denver, it’s a great big place with tons to do.. I almost got a lump in my throat thinking about leaving. I decided to spend my last few hours relaxing, so off to Cherry Creek State Park I went. Of course, driving during rush-hour is anything BUT relaxing.. however once I arrived it was worth it. Yet another huge place in this giant metropolis. After driving around the park for about an hour, I started to make my way to the car rental place so I could return my ride and head back home. The ride and the flight were both uneventful.. now I’m back in Omaha.. and while I was complaining about Denver being 50 degrees, I was welcomed by Omaha’s 30 degree hug. Brrr!

Denver ProCons:


  • Lots to see, hear, eat!
  • Downtown rocks! The 16th Street mall is neat-o!
  • Very health-friendly! Bike trails just about everywhere.


  • Homeless people all over the downtown area.. quite annoying.
  • Rush hour traffic.. bring a snickers bar.
  • Pricey! I paid almost 20 bucks for a steak wrap, and 6 bucks to park at the restaurants parking? WTF?!