5 Reasons why Homosexuality is gay

Hello again boys and boys! Time once again for me to voice my opinion on something and close my eyes while I await the backlash from the loudest wheel.. you know, the one that makes all the noise and doesn’t carry the weight of the cart.

Anyway, Today’s message: Gay is bad, mmkay?

  • Sexual Deviance is a mental condition
    • Individuals who like to engage in sexual activity that is outside of the ‘norm’ are more likely to have some sort of mental instability and have probably suffered through a traumatic event. That being said, I like to get my freak on.. so I’m crazy right? Well ya, but that’s beside that point.. we’re all a little crazy, it’s those are are a lot crazy we need to worry about.
  • Natural Selection
    • Go grab a power cord and plug it into another power cord.. can’t do it can you (unless it’s an extension cord.. but you know what I mean)? Let’s break this down.. Penis in Vagina.. without that simple process mankind becomes extinct. Sure.. in today’s day and age we can clone each other, but the PiV method is most fun, and RIGHT.
  • Guys shouldn’t like to get forked
    • Seriously, a man on another man is like a couple of bears going at it.. who in their right mind could find that attractive? ..now, two GIRLS.. that’s another story. 🙂
  • The path of least resistance is futile
    • Speaking of girls.. they sure are a pain in the ass.. maybe that’s why guys fork each other there.. it hurts less than dealing with gals? Makes sense.. I know I’ve said 100 times or so “sometimes I wish I was gay” because the gal I’m dealing with is logically challenged.. but I say it in jest of course.
  • GOD says it’s bad
    • Yes, Ladies and Gents, The big cheese sent me an email from god@heaven.org saying it is bad.. here’s an excerpt:
      “Dear Skid Vis, Thank you for your recent inquiry. In response to your inquiry, our heavenly master had this to say “No sir, I don’t like it!” I hope this clears up any questions you may have had, be sure to keep sending your donations! One more thing.. the VP of heaven, J.C., requests that you stop doing that “one thing you do” .. he said you would know what that means.”

So there you have it.. see?