GeThiDo.. Stop buggin me!

So I’ve been reading to David Allen’s Getting Things Done book.

It’s pretty inspiring.. it makes sense! It’s all about how to make yourself more efficient by using his system. Part of his system is about making lists.. and checking them twice. The premise is, our brain sucks.. it doesnt remind us of what it needs to WHEN it needs to.. it reminds us at the worst possible moment. Therefore we must make lists to keep track of things we would like to be reminded of, then just use our brain to remind us to check the list. Kinda like making a list of passwords that’s protected by a master password.. why try to remember 100 passwords when you can just remember 1?

A smart guy dishing out common sense techniques that, for some reason, aren’t that common! Just a few chapters into his book made my brain start working.. it made my heart start pumping and I was excited once again. By following his techniques you’ll find the way to stop feeling overburdened and start feeling that ‘high’ you get when you’re in the ‘zone’.

Looking for a list utility to implement the GTD methodology, I scoured the net trying to find something I could use that I know I’d stick to. There’s plug-in’s for Outlook, Lotus Notes.. there’s stand-alone Windows apps, Web apps.. all kind’s of stuff. People love GTD and it’s all over the place.

However, I think I’d have a hard time accessing a Windows app, or a web app, whenever a thought pops into my head.. what could I use that I could take anywhere? ..paper? Nah! Walking around with a pen and pad is so.. um, geeky? But my pda.. that’s cool! So I searched for a PDA app to handle the task.. and found nothing. Sure there are list and task managing apps all around.. but nothing that fit the bill. So.. what’s a developer to do? I set out to make something myself.. after all, I was feeling very motivated!

So 5 days later, I’m finally done.. the product: GeThiDo, a PocketPC utility for managing tasks and lists. It feels good to be done with a project.. that’s what GTD is all about.. Getting Things DONE!! Using the GTD framework I was able to focus on GeThiDo and have it finished in record time. Sure, it’s a simple program, not really too much to it.. but without the GTD mentality I would have gotten distracted by the 100 other tasks that spring up every day.

So thanks to David Allen for his book, and his techniques! If you don’t know what GTD is.. give it a look.. I’m sure it’ll open your eyes to a better way to get rid of your daily stress! ..and if you have a pocketpc, give GeThiDo a try too!