1408 – Movie Review

This 4th of July, K and I took a few minutes of our lives (94 minutes, to be exact) to head to our local cinema and view 1408, a thriller based on a Stephen King short story. Once the film was over, I was elated to see the difference of opinion between myself and K. She didn’t hate it, but rather felt that it was time wasted.. viewing the movie was just filler in her day.. much like I felt about Ocean’s 13, I suppose.. not something horrible.. but not something to write home about either.. just “blah”.

I myself, however, found this movie very enjoyable. Sure, I like Stephen King stories, John Cusak, and scary movies.. but that’s not so much why I liked this flick. As I mentioned to her, I have several reasons for liking this movie. FYI, I like to spoil movies for you.. so stop reading if you hate that sort of thing.

I’m currently reading the book “Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid”, or the G.E.B. as it’s also known.  It’s a thinking mans book.. one which came to mind while watching this movie. The book is about patterns of loops that have occurred throughout history and life in general.. this movie has loops.. which is a reason I liked it.. It’s relevant to something I’m currently reading.

Occasionally, I’ll be having a bad dream.. a dream so bad that it eventually wakes me.. much to my relief. Soon I fall back to sleep and start a whole new dream.. a happy dream.. when suddenly a door busts open in my troubled mind and I’m sucked back into the original nightmare! This movie is such a nightmare.. another reason I liked it.. I can empathize.

The Suffering..  a great game for PC’s, and consoles I’m fairly sure. A story about a haunted prison. For some reason, that too popped into my mind while watching this movie. I loved the game, and as I watched this flick I shared in the emotion of the main character as I would pull on my memories of playing The Suffering and feeling scared, trapped, and helpless. This movie pulled emotions from my memories of a GAME! ..another reason I liked it.

Did the movie have bad parts to it? Certainly! However, as I sit here trying to think of one.. I cannot. They were apparently so minute that I did not store them in my thoughts. Perhaps upon viewing it again they may stand out more.. but if I would have to rate this movie I would give it an 8 out of 10.

I’m quite proud of myself.. I didn’t manage to give away to much of it.  🙂