iPhone – iComplain

Yes.. I got an iPhone.. Why? Well.. I’m a geek and a Gadgeteer.. therefore I HAD to buy it.. but most importantly I’m really tired of carrying my cellphone and my PDA everywhere I go.. I only have so many pockets! I’ve been scouring the market for a GOOD PDA/Phone combo.. but everything had major shortcomings.. crappy cameras, high pricetag, big and bulky, etc. Then the iPhone show’s up.. did I wait in line for it? Heck no.. I just kept driving around until the line went away, THEN I went into the store. 🙂 Buying the iPhone was a very fun experience.. those who know are aware that I used to work at CompUSA.. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of the Apple store employees were former CompUSA buddies of mine! It was quite the social time while I waited for an iPhone.


So anyway, I digress.. I went through with the purchase and knowing Verizon is going to rape me for leaving them, I started the switch to AT&T. I got the iPhone on Friday, here it is Monday and Verizon still hasn’t released me.. I can MAKE calls on the iPhone, but I still GET calls on my Verizon phone. I called AT&T on it yesterday and they said “Well, I’m sure a lot of people have left Verizon this weekend.. they probably have a lot to deal with.. just wait it out.” Funny that.. but anyway.. On with the ProCons!


  • Sleek and Sexy
    • How do they cram so much into such a tiny space? This thing is so itty-bitty I have to keep tapping my pocket to make sure it didn’t fall out! I’m totally impressed with it’s size and it’s style.. I don’t know if I’ve ever called any gadget sexy.. but grrrrowl! ..ok.. I may need professional help.
  • Intuitive
    • Using this thing could not be easier.. but then, that’s how Apple works. Their company slogan should be “technology ..for dummies”. Although, since OS X, which is Unix-based, the amount of geeks sporting Macs has increased so much that even I want one now. But still, they DO make things super easy to use.
  • So much to do, so little time!
    • Calendar, Contacts, Email synced from Microsoft Outlook
    • Google Maps, YouTube, Web Browser, Yahoo! Stocks and Weather
    • 2 MegaPixel Camera
    • iPod.. Music, Video, Podcasts
    • aaaaaah!


  • Stay on, dammit!
    • Um.. ok, so I understand why it turns off when it’s running off of the battery.. but when I’m charging it and it’s on the cradle why can’t it stay on so I can see it from a distance? c’mon! It looks pretty and I like showing it off!
  • uh.. ringtones?
    • You can’t set ringtones? 4-8GB of space for MP3’s and I can’t set ONE ringtone?! Surely this will be something I will have to pay extra for.. I don’t like it.. hackers, find me a backdoor!
  • Where am I? I wanna see ME!
    • I’m vain.. I’m an egomaniac.. I’m narcissistic.. I know it, you know it.. but THEY must not! It’s near IMPOSSIBLE for me to take a picture of MYSELF! WTF!
  • Let me CUSTOMIZE!
    • Ok, so I’ve touched on the no ringtones issue.. THAT I’m sure they’ll fix with an update.. eventually.. but c’mon, we live in a MySpace world.. people like to customize things to declare their individuality.. all I can do is change my wallpaper? My old cell phone has sound clips from Ghost Recon.. “Orders Recieved!” for when I get a TXT, “This could get ugly” for when I get a Picture Message (which you can’t even SEND picture messages with the iPhone).. but here you can’t change ANY notifications.. ALL you can do is pick from their 24? ring SOUNDS.. they’re not even songs.. just SOUNDS.. dogs, crickets, bells.. WTF?
  • Huh? What?
    • Turn it up! I have the ringtone volume cranked up on this thing, but in my pocket it can barely be heard.. glad it vibrates or I’d miss my appointments!

The good thing about the iPhone is that it’s unix-based and it connects to your PC, so it’s easy for either Apple to update the thing and add features to it, or hackers to break into it and do Apple’s job. Either way, I know soon I’ll have the perfect iPhone. Who will get to the finish line 1st.. the Tortoise or Achilles?