Live Free or Die Hard – Movie Review

I don’t know why (trailers), but I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie (trailers). This really perks my curiosity because I really liked the first Die Hard, but the other 2.. for lack of a better word ..sucked. But somehow, someTHING drew me to this flick.. was it the fact that the dude from the PC vs Mac commercials is in it? Nah! I don’t really care for him as an actor.. even if Waiting was funny as heck. Maybe it was my perverted human nature.. wanting to see the 132 year old Bruce Willis pull off an action flick without a wheelchair? Maybe I’m just a geek and wanted to see a flick about hackers taking out the US.. since China is working on such a plan as I type this? Maybe I just got a thing for hot asian chicks? Who knows.. whatever made me go see this.. this.. “action” flick.. well.. on to the ProCons!


  • Bruce is still fit!
    • It’s amazing that even though Bruce Willis is aged, he still manages to believably pull off this movie! I went into it expecting to hear a handful of Danny Glover/Lethal Weapon-esque “I’m too old for this shit”-lines all over this movie.. but thankfully they didn’t play too much on his age.. I believe there’s only one passing reference to his age. Kudos to Bruce!
  • Awesome action scenes
    • The actions scenes did well to keep me shaking my leg in anticipation. I’m very picky (see my Fantastic Four review), but I didn’t find myself tearing this movie apart.. guess they kept my mind on other things.
  • Decent Story
    • Hackers take out the systems that keep America running smooth.. lucky for us, Bruce Willis and the Mac kid can fix it all. It’s a story that we should all think about for a second.. China is building up its’ hacker network.. the Dept. of Homeland Security has been hacked 800 times this year alone.. we grow more and more tied to computers and networks to function.. what if this really DID happen? Imagine hurricane Katrina.. but all over the U.S. ..spooky.
  • Hot Asian chick!
    • What?! You don’t like hot Asian chicks?
  • Funny one-liners
    • Witty witty.. oh so pretty! Anyone who knows me knows how sarcastic I can be.. how I just looove turning a phrase on someone.. the same reason I get a kick out of Ask a Ninja.. one-liner’s are thrown about this movie like confetti during New Year’s celebrations.. not just by Bruce Willis either.. it seems everyone gets a chance to dish out some witty banter. That’s the way.. uhuh uhuh ..I like it!


  • Crazy action scenes
    • I know, I know.. I said I liked the action scenes.. but c’mon.. the Semi-VS-Harrier scene was just a little off the wall. I still liked it though.

Well there you have it. I really liked this movie.. I would even say I liked it more than the first one! If you liked Die Hard and you’re looking for a good action flick.. this one should do you good!