Goodbi iphone

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a fellow iphone owner.. it started off as an “aren’t iphones cool?!” session until someone said something about apple finally moving phones forward.. for some reason, that statement awoke an angry demon that was hidden inside me.. I suddenly switched from “yes, iphones rock” to “WTF?! iphones are throwing cellphones backwards!”

It was then that I realized that I had been harboring some hidden feelings about my iphone.. it was then that I noticed that I hadn’t been taking pictures.. it was then I realized I had to move away.. so this weekend I decided to get the phone that I wanted before I wanted the iphone.. a phone that, at the time, cost nearly $1000 and would have required me to leave Verizon.. but now, I’m already with AT&T.. and the price of the phone has dropped dramatically. I’m talking about the Nokia N95. Now bear in mind that I usually change cellphones once a year.. this is the 1st time I have changed phones within months.. so that says something..
Before I talk about the N95, let me state why I’m leaving the iphone:

  • I stopped taking pictures
    • The camera on the iphone is horrible.. simply horrible. It claims 2.0 megapixels but I’ve seen better pictures from a 1 megapixel phone.
    • It’s nearly impossible to take pix of myself, when you’re narcissistic.. that’s a must!
    • It takes horrible low-light images
    • You, and your subject, need to be perfectly still in order to get a decent shot.
  • No customization!
    • I bitched about this when I got the phone.. but here it is.. MONTHS later and still no fix from apple!
    • No ability to add ringtones.. the ones supplied aren’t even SONGS.. they’re silly stupid sounds. I wanna hear Akon’s “Keep On Callin” when I get calls, dammit!
    • No ability to add alarm sounds.. I dont wanna wake up to dogs barking.. maybe I prefer the “I Like to move it, move it” song in the morning?!
  • Other minor annoyances that added up:
    • Randomly loses my email password and asks me to re-enter it.
    • No ability to create or download programs or games for it.
    • I have a greasy face apparently and I’m freakin tired of wiping my face-grease and fingerprints off the damn screen!

In the end, I found myself using the thing merely to watch podcasts and youtube than using it as a phone or camera.. and that’s just not cool.

So onto the N95.. what’s so cool about it?

  • 5.0 Megapixel Camera with a Carl Zeiss lens!
    • That’s right.. it’s a real frickin camera.. with lead balls!
  • Records video in DVD quality at 30 frames per second and even has a TV-output so you can watch it on a TV! Great for those sudden porn-shoots!
  • Full-Blown GPS unit
    • Listen close.. I’m not talking a GPS unit like most cellphones have, where you’re using up minutes as you use the GPS, this is a full-blown, off-network GPS unit like the one’s in cars. Now I’ll finally know where I am while I’m there!
  • S60 application development
    • You can download custom-made applications or make your own using common programming tools.. it even supports FLASH! (iphone doesnt)
  • ..and sure, like the iphone it has a browser, checks emails, and plays videos and mp3’s.

The iphone is a good phone.. don’t get me wrong, it does a lot.. it just doesn’t do any of it really well. Wish me luck on my N95.

 Update: I got the N95.. do these guys know me or what?! it’s got not 1, but 2!! cameras!!! One in front just so I can go crazy snappin myself! You silly nokians!