I’m always Talkin Bull

I’m putting together a video podcast called Talkin Bull (www.talkinbull.com) and I’ve been toying around with some logo ideas but I’m too involved to be a good judge.. here are some of the ideas.. the basic premise I’m looking for is an exclamation mark merged with a bull..


I call him: Rex

Take a look and please comment with your vote! Muchas Grassy-ass!

UPDATE: I went back to the drawing board with a logo design.. thanks in part to seeing a Bull drawn by PlunderBunny.. she reminded me that I have my own “brand” of art.. so I chucked the previous design and instead opted for this:

You Like?

  • XenNexus


  • evoltix


  • Plunderbunny

    I like number 8

  • XenNexus

    I still like #6
    BTW I liked the show, I think you need some lighting. Not that it’s too dark. I just needs a little more to bring out more detail. Also why are there so many video artifacts in the video, real time video capture? Oh yea there is more than just The Spark in the history of Transformers. There are good Sparks and evil ones. Not that it matters just making some conversation.

  • Thanks! Keep in mind it’s episode Zero.2! Episode 1 will have better lighting, sound, etc.
    These are basically just screen tests to see how we react together, with the camera, and basically hammer out the format of the show.
    The artifacts are because I was using an old MiniDV tape and it’s starting to get tape-decay.. so it shows up as artifacts.. the final camera will be a tapeless camera so that should eliminate the chances of this happening again.

  • XenNexus

    I hear ya on that. Sounds great Looking foreword to the next episode, keep up the good work. Would you broadcast some user submitted material such as art or other creative ideas. Of corse short segmants when ever you need material to fill in the show?

  • Yes, of course!
    User-submitted content is always welcome!
    Just send anything to gifts [at] talkinbull.com
    (just like it says on the website)

  • XenNexus

    Oh okay, thats awsome 🙂