Talkin mo’ bull.. 0.3

Test episode 0.3 of TalkinBull is available on that site.. many changes have been made:

  • I introduce the show correctly.
    • 0.2 was introduced as XandOshow
  • My co-host finally has a name!
    • 0.2 he was called “Not”.. gay
    • Now he’s calling himself Jack Deus.. but for how long?
  • Green Screen
    • I painted the back wall a beautiful Lemon Grass green.. it will serve as the shows green screen at some point.
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
    •  I picked up a new camera.. a Sony DCR-SR62
    •  Picked up 4 lights to brighten up the place.. and make it frickin hot!
    •  Still need to find a light solution to evenly light the green screen so it will work properly.
    • Shorter show!
      • 0.2 was 60 minutes.. new shows approximately 30 minutes!
    • teleshka

      Looks like a nice camera. What kind of lights did you pick up, lumens output etc? I have access to full time A&V
      guys here at work that I could get recommendations from. Of course I suppose you could troll the google for
      nearly the same level of information. 🙂
      A shorter show isn’t a bad thing, less editing for you and more likely to keep your audience’s attention.
      I didn’t make it much more than halfway thru 0.2 due to a lack of time.

      Paul’s gotta keep his name steady. Nothing will kill a branding faster than not being able to know what
      the hell your co-host’s name actually IS. I got lucky with my handle in the fact that it means nothing to
      anyone but myself and a few unlucky people that were tortured by this fictational character.

    • Thanks teleshka. Way to throw me under the bus saying I am going to kill the brand, even though the show has gone through as many name changes as I have. I thought us anosmics were supposed to stick together. Anyway, I am sticking with Jack Deus just like the show is sticking with TalkinBull (or is it?-I really don’t have any control over that).

    • XenNexus

      The show is looking good, I feal that you should spend less time on one topic, leaving time for other topics.

    • Well.. the format we’re aiming for is 3 topics in 30 minutes.
      Maybe that’s too much time for 3 topics?

    • XenNexus

      That would be 10 minutes per topic. I feal thats a little too much. Perhaps shorter topics but a greater amount of them.

      Sorta like tv news,there is always somthing you want to hear about. And thats what makes you stay tuned all the way through until the end just to view that story/topic.

      Lots of news stories, but there is always something you want to watch or know about, even if the 1st few minutes hold no intrest. But you sit through all the other stuff untill they broadcast what you where waiting for. Same deal with the newspapers.

      This is just an idea. Either way im there checking things out 🙂

    • teleshka

      Heh, an excellent point there Jack Deus 😉 I had to pick on ya a little, ’cause your handles have changed
      multiple times even before I’d heard about the show. However from now on I promise not to pick on you for
      your handle, Asnomics unit!

      BTW I liked your throwing you under the bus analogy, that’s good stuff. (yoink!)

    • Plunderbunny

      You know what you should do? Find a really cute, geeky chick with a crass personality and a sick sense of humor, and put her on the show. Now if we could only find somebody that we knew who fits that description…..


    • Ya.. if only I could find such a thing.. too bad we don’t know of any.
      Definitely not you.. you’re camera-shy and not very talkative.

    • Plunderbunny

      Yeah….after doing all of those pornos cameras do kinda scare me now. That, and the talking part would be rather difficult. I’d have to expand my vocabulary from words such as, “Oooh!”, “Ahhhh!”, and, “Harder, baby, harder!” I just don’t think I’m ready for that.

    • Yea.. it is rather hard to change one’s vocabulary..
      I remember when all I would say was “Shit!, Damn!, That’s Whacked!”
      …ah.. the good ol’ days.