Talkin mo’ bull.. 0.3

Test episode 0.3 of TalkinBull is available on that site.. many changes have been made:

  • I introduce the show correctly.
    • 0.2 was introduced as XandOshow
  • My co-host finally has a name!
    • 0.2 he was called “Not”.. gay
    • Now he’s calling himself Jack Deus.. but for how long?
  • Green Screen
    • I painted the back wall a beautiful Lemon Grass green.. it will serve as the shows green screen at some point.
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
    •  I picked up a new camera.. a Sony DCR-SR62
    •  Picked up 4 lights to brighten up the place.. and make it frickin hot!
    •  Still need to find a light solution to evenly light the green screen so it will work properly.
    • Shorter show!
      • 0.2 was 60 minutes.. new shows approximately 30 minutes!