Rails, Bull, and Happiness in general.

I’m writing this from my newly acquired MacBook! Who would have ever thought of me using an Apple computer.. especially since I just tossed my iPhone to the curb! (The “curb” in this case being ebay.. hehe)

While I did have to get rid of the iPhone because it wasn’t geeky enough for me, I cannot say the same about the MacBook. The apple OS is a rather interesting one.. on the one hand, it’s so simple even your grandma could use it.. only one mouse button.. big, happy, friendly buttons and boxes.. and it’s OH so pretty to look at with it’s shiny glossy-ness. 🙂 But at the same time.. underneath.. lurking in the darkness.. the ever present Unix-based core.. laying in wait for all the hackers and linux-lovers to play with.

I bought this thing for several reasons.. one being that I’ll be in Denver later this month for some Ruby on Rails training. I’ve been playing with Ubuntu Linux for a bit just trying to learn Ruby on Rails but I’m just too dense to pick it all up from books.. besides, some human training from the start could keep me from getting into bad habits right away. Anyhoo, this training requires that I bring a laptop.. and while I DO have an HP zd8220us laptop with Linux on it, I don’t really see myself taking that with me because it’s HUGE and HEAVY, but mainly because at the last training I went to there was only 1 Windows-based laptop there and 14-ish Apple-based laptops.. 0 Linux. I don’t want to be that one guy in the class that’s having issues only to hear someone say “I’d help you, but I don’t know Linux”.

I also got this thing because I’ve been having a heck of a time editing video on my Windows machine and I’ve been told that Final Cut on OSX is the bomb. Keep an eye on TalkinBull to track my progress.

Speakin of TalkinBull, I’m sorry for the lack of updates.. JD and I have just been to busy to sit and film anything.. JD mostly. I on the other hand have just been hit with the realization that I’ve dumped almost $10k into the show and now it’s not so much a hobby, but rather something that HAS to yield a return. No pressure. The whole thing is leading me into reevaluating the show and trying to think up some creative format choices. JD and I are scheduled to film another episode this Sunday, but we’ll see what actually happens.

Life is good, life is great.. things are looking splendid for me right now. I got a pay raise, my health is groovy, my friends are all back on my good side, my project has been passed on to a new developer so now I can focus on whatever I want.. all in all, I’m livin la vida buena.