Testosterone Buildup?

So there I was, minding my own business when BAM!!!, out of nowhere I get the urge to rip someone’s head off. Is that weird?

I call it Testosterone Buildup. Occasionally, perhaps once or twice a year, I have this feeling come over me.. like I’m a beast. I want to go out and pick a fight some with tough guy.. or, oddly enough, go do something physical.. like climb a tree or something. I’ve even been known to growl. 🙂 I attribute it to my primitive side trying to kick in and get its fair share of face-time. Lucky for me I’m the king of self-control.. so I don’t indulge my body.. I end up lifting weights or going for a drive and listening to rap.. those things usually make it go away.

I spoke with Special K about it.. she said she’s never met a man who felt this way. I brushed it off as most men wouldnt give it as much thought as I do. They would either GO pick a fight, or maybe get rid of the urge in the the bedroom, I assume. Am I alone here? Is it something all guys go through, is it some inner demon from my violent youth trying to poke out, or do I subconsciously feel my life is stagnant and I’m trying to pick a fight so I have some interesting story to tell?

Any Comments?