Rubber holes.. she likes that.

While looking for my next movie to watch, I found a movie titled “Lars and the Real Girl”. I haven’t seen the trailer for it, but it’s apparently about a guy and his relationship with a doll.. somewhat like 1987’s Mannequin perhaps? I dunno.. the point is that while reading up about this movie I learned that the doll in this movie is not just some made-for-hollywood prop, but rather something called a RealDoll.

Apparently there’s a company that makes life-sized, silicone women (and men) for 6 grand a piece! um.. really? Go ahead and do a google image search for these things and prepare to be freaked out. Now, I’m a freaky guy.. I’ll try just about anything once.. but seriously? There’s people out there that would drop 6 grand to have sex with a rubber doll? I find that very odd. I mean they look like they’re dead? I’d say it’s just a step up from necrophilia!

I apologize to you if you’re reading this and you have or want one of these.. I don’t mean any disrespect.. but c’mon, for 6 grand get some counseling or social skills training.. heck.. get a hooker!
Women are not THAT scary! They’re fun, interesting, caring, and WARM! There’s one for every guy out there.. you just gotta reach out.. be decent, don’t be weird, and let the good times roll.