The Flippin Bishop

So ok.. I need someone to tell me what this dream meant..
The dream took place in some sort of monastery, somewhere in the mountains in Italy.
I’m not sure what my role was there.. maybe I was just on vacation.. enjoying the serenity of it.
Throughout the whole dream I was carrying around an acoustic guitar.. I’d sling it on my back as I walked around.. like it was some kind of samurai sword.. but then I’d sit and try to play it.. but I don’t know how to play guitar.. and I didn’t in my dream either, but that didn’t stop me from trying.
I think, in the dream, the more I tinkered with the guitar the more I came closer to actually figuring out a song.

After a while there I decided to head out.. as I walked outside the monastery’s large wooden doors I nearly walked into a priest. The priest was not a local, and asked me if I knew where the Bishop was.. I volunteered to take him to the Bishop. We walked down a corridor and reached an area where the floor sunk down a bit.. there were 2 steps leading downward and about 4 inches of water on the floor. It was some sort of Holy Water room.
In the corner of this room was an Oak desk, the Bishop was sitting in his chair, feet immersed in the holy water, conducting whatever role a Bishop conducts. I pointed to him saying “There he is..” to the priest I escorted. He thanked me and proceeded over to the Bishop.

The Bishop turned, recognized the priest, and welcomed him.. as I turned to leave, the priest beckoned for me to stick around and then turned to the Bishop, telling him how generous I was for leading him there.. he insisted that I be blessed.. the Bishop agreed, turned towards me and said “Bless you” while simultaneously flipping me the bird!

I raised an eyebrow and said “very well then”, then turned and left the monastery.

The End.
Now.. What in the hell does that all mean?!