I blog in your general direction!

SpamalotThis weekend was a testosterone-deprived one if I’ve ever had one.
Friday night, K and I went to see Spamalot.. the musical based on Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Aside from the fact that the seats I got had me staring at the dandruff of strangers most of the night, and that a gal sitting on our row had to laugh like a hyena at every single joke.. I had a great time! Spamalot is frickin awesome, I don’t care what you say! I enjoyed it so much I tried to get tickets to see it yet again.. but alas they were sold out.

Saturday night however, I had tickets to see Tori Amos. Now, I’m not a Tori Amos fan.. so don’t stone me yet, the tickets were a gift. I’ve never listened to any song of hers that has not been on the radio. Well, until I got these tickets.. I listened to her newest album to be sure I wouldnt want to blow my brains out.. and it really wasn’t that bad. I didn’t listen to it long enough to learn the words however.. big mistake. I’m not sure if it was the mic or what, but during the concert I could not understand a single word coming out her mouth. I kept asking myself “Is this in English?”, but I stuck around and tried to make the best of it.. until eventually Special K asked me “Is this in English?”.. at that point I knew it was time to go. So we walked out on Tori Amos. By the way.. the night wasn’t a total bust.. her opening act, a guy named Yoav, was pretty damned impressive.. you should check him out.

So Spamalot.. Good. Tori Amos.. probably need to be a fan.. or a lesbian.. since there were plenty of those at the show.

I’ll be spending New Years in Las Vegas.. a birthday present from Special K since I’ve mentioned that I’d loooove to see the New Years fireworks display there. Anyhoo, having liked Spamalot so much I’ve booked to see it in Vegas as well.. I even arranged for VIP tickets so I can try to grope some of the girls.. I mean, shake the actor’s hands! We’ll also be seeing Cirque de Soliel.. or whatever it’s called.. the ‘O’ version. Sooo.. Spermalot and Orgasm in Vegas..

Ok.. that’s enough gay stuff.. where’s my rap music?! Speaking of which.. Tupac’s newest album ( Pac’s Life ).. 11 years after his death?! (geez!).. is pretty good!