I Has Dead Brain

I recently stumbled onto my old friend Salas Vexx‘s online comic at DrunkDuck.. it’s nice to see he’s still drawing up a storm.. as sick as it may be!
Seeing his art got me thinking about the many nights we stayed up til the crack of dawn pumping out drawing after drawing. Those were the days. Those who’ve been around this site long enough know that until just over a year ago this was an art-related site. I had lots of my own drawings as well as the drawings of other displayed for all to see.

So what happened, Mr Vis?

Well, Timmy.. since you asked.. I don’t know! I just stopped drawing, except for doodling every time I’m on the phone, I have no artistic inclination anymore.

I think it’s because you don’t read comics or watch anime anymore!

Well.. you may be right. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to start reading some books. I just ordered Judge and Jury, depending on how that turns out I’m planning on reading as much as I can to try and get some fuel back in me to fire up my drawing hunger.
Wish me luck!

Good luck, Mr Vis!

Thanks Timmy, Thanks.