Thanks Living

Hello Boys and Girls,
I hope you enjoyed yourself some turkey this week. I did.. even though I’m not fond of turkey meat.
I spent most of my week chillin at home.. I had a LAN party on Wednesday (which as a kid I used to call “Marry Nintendo Day.. get it?) with the usual suspects.. Teleshka, Aiden, and Boobies. We played Call of Duty 4, which if you haven’t played it.. OMG! What are you waiting for? It’s amazing.. here’s a hint, if you beat it.. wait til after the credits.
After the LAN party I drove up to Sioux City, IOWA to spend some time with Special K and her family.. then back home to spend the majority of my time doing something I said I wouldnt.. playing City of Heroes! Damned MMORPG’s!
I’m waaay ahead of Jack Deus, he’s level 13 and I’m level 18.. so I should probably back off for a bit.. dontcha think?
Not much else going on.. well, my brother lost his arm at work.. that sucks. What do you say to someone when that happens? Me and my broken brain just keep thinking up “unarmed” jokes. Sometimes I think that shrink who said I’m not crazy was wrong.
Anyway.. not much going on, like I said.. I got things I want to write about, but they’re still cookin in my noggin.. stay tuned, sports fans!