Progresso di Vis

Hello World! Here’s a status update on good ol’ Vis:

  • I wasn’t in the mall during the shootings in Omaha..
    • my nephew was.. but he ran out once the shots did.
  • I’m still not done with the book, Judge and Jury..
    • but I AM halfway through!
    • I’m not a slow reader, I just don’t read often.
  • I’m learning to play piano..
    • I just got a Casio Previa PX-110 .. it seems nice enough!
    • Think I’ll see this through?
  • TalkinBull is on hiatus for a little bit while I figure out something.
    • I just wasn’t feelin it.. I need to feel it, ya know?
  • I’m glad the CTP for ASP.NET 3.5 with MVC was finally released..
    • I think this may be just what I needed to get me back into web programming.
  • I hate snow..
    • but having a Jeep helps. 🙂

There.. an update.. I can rest now.