Progresso di Vis

Hello World! Here’s a status update on good ol’ Vis:

  • I wasn’t in the mall during the shootings in Omaha..
    • my nephew was.. but he ran out once the shots did.
  • I’m still not done with the book, Judge and Jury..
    • but I AM halfway through!
    • I’m not a slow reader, I just don’t read often.
  • I’m learning to play piano..
    • I just got a Casio Previa PX-110 .. it seems nice enough!
    • Think I’ll see this through?
  • TalkinBull is on hiatus for a little bit while I figure out something.
    • I just wasn’t feelin it.. I need to feel it, ya know?
  • I’m glad the CTP for ASP.NET 3.5 with MVC was finally released..
    • I think this may be just what I needed to get me back into web programming.
  • I hate snow..
    • but having a Jeep helps. 🙂

There.. an update.. I can rest now.

  • XenNexus

    Ah a Casio Previa PX-110.
    Saw one at Sam Ash music store.

    Interesting that you went with a straight out piano.
    instead of a workstation.

    Good choice, its a piano and thats what
    you want to learn. It also happens to be a good one too!

  • My aunt works at Von Maur and was running late otherwise she would have been in the customer service area where the bulk of the shooting took place. Thank God for small miracles. May the victims rest in peace.

    One of the definitions of a slow reader is someone who takes forever to read a book because they don’t make time to read it, but if we have waited this long to see some new art then what is a few more weeks (months)?

    The friend and optimist in me wants to hope that you do stick with the piano until you become better than Ray Charles, but the realist in me say I’ll give yu $50 for the piano when you give up on it next week. 🙂

    We need to try to find whatever it is we are looking for to make TalkinBull work. The world is waiting for us to be unleashed on it, they just don’t know it yet. It is our job to let them know, so let’s get on it.

    I understood about 4 words of your web programming blurb. How did we become friends?

    I hate snow too. Let’s move to Texas.

  • Glad your aunt wasn’t there!

    So I AM a slow reader? That’s depressing.. I quit.

    50 bucks for my piano? Really? ..hmm, let me ponder that as I sharpen my sword.

    “we” need to find something for TalkinBull? I wasn’t aware you were even looking.

    How did we become friends? I wonder that same thing each day.

    Texas? Well.. I’ll be scoping out Austin in March.. so.. who knows.