How I spent my winter vacation.. by Skid Vis

Hello, World.
Hope you all had wonderful holidays, if not.. better luck this year! I’d have to say this ended up being one of my best yet. I got plenty of things I actually wanted for Christmas and I spent New Years in Las Vegas!

See, early last year, I watched a show on tv that highlighted the top 10 fireworks displays in the world.. China, Australia, and more were in that list.. but listed as #1 was good ol’ Las Vegas. On July 4th last year, while watching the local fireworks show here in the big O!, I made mention that someday I’d like to see the Vegas New Years fireworks.. so K made it her mission to make that happen.

I’ve never been to Vegas before but just about everyone I know has already been, so it was about time I checked it out. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Vegas.. if you haven’t either then have a seat because here it comes. 🙂

Now from what I gather, Vegas is busy pretty much all year.. the cabbies mentioned that there’s maybe one week during the year when it slows down.. but New Years Eve is an especially busy time in Vegas. Perhaps this was not a good time for a 1st trip to Vegas. We stayed at Circus Circus, which must have been running a special of some sort because I’m certain the fire martial was checking to see if max capacity was met.  It was elbow-to-elbow in there. If you’ve never been to Vegas, I whole-heartedly advise against staying at Circus Circus. Not only was it packed, but it was fairly dirty and the staff was as rude as they can get. We toured all the other Hotel/Casino’s and none seemed to suffer the same fate. Ours was the only one we noticed with people sleeping in the lobby.

Enough about Circus Circus.. just stay away. As we started our trek away from there I couldn’t help but notice the ground was covered in what appeared to be trading cards of some sort. A closer look lead to the discovery that they were “business cards” for call girls. $69 and you would get a “college girl” delivered to your room in 20 minutes or less.. wonder if it’s free if they’re late? As I passed these cards, my stare was taken away from the boobs on the cards by a weird sound close to me.. the sound of those very cards being tapped.. to get my attention. I looked up to find a line as far as the eye could see of mexican men wearing bright orange shirts trying to hand out these cards to  anyone who would take them. Oddly enough, the whole time I was there I only observed one guy take a card.. and it was obvious he needed it.

Once we were past them and some construction, things started to look up. The Wynn came into view, one of the newer hotels, and Vegas started to take on a whole new look for me. THIS is the Vegas I expected.. new, clean, pretty things!

The South end of the strip is pretty nice. Once there we took in lots of great shows.. Spamalot, 2 Cirque du Soleil shows (O and Zumanity), and David Copperfield. We ate ate some fancy-dancy restaurants.. some were pricey and bad, some were moderately priced and delicious. I was having fun. The down-side was both waiting in line to hop a cab, and worst yet.. where the cab would eventually take us at the end of the day.

New Year’s Eve was a little stressful.. the place was super packed and every restaurant got booked quick. We started to look for a good place to see the fireworks show.. but they were all asking $300+ per person. I thought that would be a waste.. as surely one could see the show from the street! 11:30pm came around so K and I hit the street to find a good vantage point. I decided a place in the middle should do. The big LCD screen on the Wynn popped up with the countdown.. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.. Happy New Year!!!! woooo! … pop.. fizzle.. poof.

Somehow, in my infinite wisdom, I managed to pick out the one exact spot where one could NOT see the fireworks. The location I picked had so many of Vegas’ flashy obstructions that we missed the show.. we could only catch bits of flares off of one of the buildings and a complete view of the sky-needle. Imagine my frustration.. so, 12:10-ish.. K and I moped our way back to our cave.. tails tucked in.. sad, angry, disappointed.

We still had two days left.. so we made the best of it. Overall we had a good time.. we learned some lessons.  Spend more money to stay at a better place and stay less time in Vegas as it gets old quick. K has no wish to ever go back.. I think I’d go back to catch a show.. since I was very impressed with Cirque du Soleil, but you’ll never catch me there more than 36 hours.