Two Tickets to Paradise..

The time has once again arrived for me to visit one of my favorite places on Earth.. Puerto Rico. I’m so excited! I’m not sure if it’s because I spent 5 hours on Saturday freezing my balls off in Denver with Jack Deus waiting in line to try out for the American Gladiator TV show, or if I’m just frickin tired of the frickin cold and the frickin snow! Regardless, Soon life will be just a tad bit sweeter as I take in the wonderful Caribbean weather and listen to the lovely chirp of the Coqui while sucking down two Pina Colada’s a la Garth Brooks.

If you recall, the last time I went to Puerto Rico was in October of 2006. I had a great time, even if it was just 49 hours. This time I won’t be going alone, I’ll be introducing Special K to this place. She may not find it as impressive as I did.. seeing as she’s been to Florida and even the Dominican Republic, so she’s no stranger to the Caribbean.. but I think she’ll enjoy it none-the-less.

Last time I went I spent the whole trip in Old San Juan.. which was great, but I didn’t get to have any beach time. This time, we’ll be spending one night in Old San Juan, then hopping a plane to a little island called Culebra.. which means “snake”. The island has about 2000 residents and doesn’t have a single stop light. What it DOES have is plenty of beaches!

I couldn’t think of a better place to be in February. I’ll be sure to take my camera.. last time I was there I snapped over 200 pictures, let’s see if I can top that. 🙂