Guarding the Secret

The Secret (2006 film)Image from WikipediaThose of you all in Omaha are in luck.. it appears James Ray is coming to give a free presentation! Who is James Ray?

Glad you asked! James Ray is one of the speakers in the documentary “The Secret“, which if you haven’t watched the dvd I highly recommend it! It will change your life.. or it won’t.. you decide.

For those that don’t know, “The Secret” is a tried and true technique for developing health, wealth, and happiness. I’ve been practicing it my whole life without even knowing it. Once I watched the dvd I kept asking myself “Really, people need to be told this?”, but what I take as common knowledge, like common sense, really isn’t that common.

If you’re struggling in your life, your bills are piling up, stress is killing you, and you’re generally frustrated in life.. or you just need a little reminder of what you need to be doing to keep moving ahead, I really recommend you checking this bloke out.

You can register for the event at his site, I hope to see you there!