Hit me baby a few thousand more times!

Sign at The Googleplex.  Google limited access to Xenu.net, in March 2002.Image from WikipediaYou know, it’s hard for me to get a grasp on my popularity.. according to the numbers I look at, I’m either super popular or I don’t even exist.

See, Google says that this March I only had 338 views. Meanwhile, my server logs paint a whole different picture.. it states that the main page was viewed 12, 766 times by 6,543 viewers of which 5,688 were unique. I’m just talking about the main page.. not the whole site.. it said I had 57,523 views site-wide!

So who do I believe? Google.. who has to pay me based on how many people look at the site, or my server logs.. that have no reason to lie to me?

  • evoltix

    You server logs indicate you have all these visitors yet only a few people ever leave comments to your blog posts? I would probably believe that Google has the correct statistics in this situation. Just doesn’t make sense.

  • How many times have you looked and never said anything?

  • A few ideas…
    1) Maybe Google has a different definition for view than just times the site was hit. Maybe the person has to stay at the website for a certain amount of time. Or maybe they have to navigate a certain number of pages on the site for it to count as a view. Or maybe they have to actually scroll down and see the ad for a view to register.
    2) Lately I’ve been using your website for links to the two podcasts to check for updates. If I see the podcast website doesn’t show a new episode I click back and it takes me to your main page again. Then I check the other podcast…Does your server count this as three hits when Google is (in my opinion) rightly counting it as one?
    3) Your server probably counts every time YOU access the site, but Google obviously doesn’t want to pay you for visiting your own site. Google may even not count the top few IP’s accessing your site, assuming it is you and a few buddies just accessing the site to boost the hits.
    4) Right now I am typing this with an “Error on page” message on the bottom left corner of the IE window. Maybe the code in the Google ad is the error so it isn’t tracking this as a view. A lot of people could be having similar problems.
    5) If someone types something into the meebo rooms chat from another site it is hooked up to, maybe your server counts that as a hit on this page. Or maybe anytime that other site is accessed at all the code in meebo chat causes a false hit message for this site since it says another user is signed on.
    6) I know you are a world famous blogger, but doesn’t 57,000+ hits a month seem a little high? On the flip side of that coin, 338 seems a little low, especially since I alone account for 25-50 hits a month, but go back to point 1 for my guess on that.

  • Good Golly, Jack!
    1: Google doesn’t know if you scroll down.. that’s out.
    2: You’re right on that one, but I took that into account with the 6k uniques.
    3: The server does count me.. Google does too, they don’t know which IP is mine.
    4: IE reports an error? always?
    5: Meebo doesn’t count as hits to me or google.
    6: You have to also realize that skidvis.com is linked to by many art sites, as it was (and will be) my art site and the site of two kick-ass artists (Benny Fuentes and Dan Douglas) so a lot of traffic could be looking for art from the three of us.