Hit me baby a few thousand more times!

Sign at The Googleplex.  Google limited access to Xenu.net, in March 2002.Image from WikipediaYou know, it’s hard for me to get a grasp on my popularity.. according to the numbers I look at, I’m either super popular or I don’t even exist.

See, Google says that this March I only had 338 views. Meanwhile, my server logs paint a whole different picture.. it states that the main page was viewed 12, 766 times by 6,543 viewers of which 5,688 were unique. I’m just talking about the main page.. not the whole site.. it said I had 57,523 views site-wide!

So who do I believe? Google.. who has to pay me based on how many people look at the site, or my server logs.. that have no reason to lie to me?