ur breakin my heart!

heartSo, for a few weeks now my “heart” has been doing some weird things. I say “heart” in quotes because, well, I dunno if it’s my heart.. for all I know it could just be gas, but I do know that occasionally I feel a twitch in my chest.. it’s not my pecks, it’s not external.. it’s inside. It happens no matter what I’m doing.. driving, sitting, reading, sleeping.. whatever. It doesn’t hurt or anything.. it’s just a twitch, followed by a slight warming feeling.. which could just be me tensing up because for a second I think I’m gonna die.. who knows.

Like I said, I’ve had this for a few weeks.. my parents were always in and out of hospitals so I grew up not liking doctors too much. Whenever I’m ill I sit on it until I absolutely know it’s not gonna go away on its own.. so I held out a few weeks before hitting the ER. I tried to schedule an appointment to see my regular doctor, but he was booked for a few months. The triage nurse on the phone said “Well, let’s see.. your hearts doing weird things.. wouldn’t it be better to go to the ER and find out your OK as opposed to hearing the EMT’s argue over who’s getting your car and who takes your watch?” ..so I went to the ER.

They checked out my heart with a quick EKG and drew some blood to be sure I wasn’t having a heart attack. Everything looked fine so they sent me home. They said they’d be giving me a portable EKG device to wear for 2 weeks just to be safe.. to quote the doc, “Whatever you have, there’s no rush.. you’ve got time.” …um.. ok. So I just got my appointment for the portable EKG.. 2 weeks! So.. in 2 weeks I get a portable EKG that I have to wear for 2 weeks.. um.. ok. I have to wait over a month to see what’s up with my ticker? I only hope it’s not my ticker, but instead something silly like gas.. otherwise I may be dead in a month.

Wish me luck.