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Illustration of a scribe writingImage from Wikipedia

Do you write? Do you blog? Do you have a massively large pen? Well if you’re like me, you’ll answer yes to all those questions! Usually when I write, it’s really easy for me to get distracted.. a super hot chick tries to join my friends list in myspace so that I’ll go to “her” porn site, or another person dies in Africa leaving me millions of dollars, or maybe just one of my IM friends hops online and then we wait to see who says ‘hi’ first.. regardless of what it is, it’s easy to get pulled away from my writing. Does this all sound familiar to you?

Well fret no more! I’ve discovered this totally awesome free program called Q10 that’s designed to protect you from all those pesky interruptions while you’re writing. It works by taking up the entire portion of your screen, so you open it up and it is all you will see! It’s very, VERY minimalistic.. meaning that you will not be distracted by any menus or buttons or pictures.. it’s much like staring at a blank piece of paper. It has a spell-checker and it even makes neat little type-writer noises as you type.. I like that.

If you’d like to be protected from the many distractions during your writing time, give Q10 a try!