Get buried in your tome.

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I don’t read, but I own over one hundred books. I want to read, but I just don’t have the books with me when I’m in a position where I can finally read. Reading does wonders for a person.. you can learn about any subject, you can study writing patterns and styles to make you more articulate, you can escape to another place, time, or world and leave your stress behind, all while bettering yourself, becoming more literate AND at the same time stimulating your brain to reduce your chances of senility. Lots of great reasons to pick up a book, but life often gets in the way.

As you know, I like to write. Since I like to write, I’m often overcome by guilt for not reading enough.. which would explain why I own so many damned books.. some which I’ve never even cracked open. I have good intentions, but I just keep putting it off for one more day.

I just received my Kindle from yesterday. The Kindle is a great device.. it allows me to carry over 200 books with me wherever I am.. eliminating my excuse of not having books when I’m in the perfect situation to read. I love having the ability to switch from a technical guide to a fictional story with merely a few clicks. It’s a great device that’s finally going to alleviate some of my writer’s guilt.