Mind over doesn’t matter.

A Marine Drill Instructor inspects his platoon shortly before Lights Out.Image via Wikipedia

Throughout the day, people walk into my hole in the wall, grab a seat, and proceed to inform me of the injustices in their existance. I sit there and take in what they have to say, I’m a very good listener. Once they’re done releasing, I process the information and spit out a procedure to reduce their angst.. at least until the next crisis.

Most people thank me and let me know that I’ve helped. It’s hard to say whether I helped by merely listening or if it was my suggestion that turned the tide, but it’s apparent that I do make a difference. After all, if I didn’t help then they wouldn’t turn to me as often, right? Well.. they could just keep showing up because my office is a good hiding spot.. but I’m optimistic and quite narcissistic.. so I’ll stick to my happy thoughts.

For the longest time in my life I was just like them. I would constantly let all the little things in life affect me in an overly-dramatic way. I was angry, depressed, and generally unhappy. I’m not like that anymore, I’ve realized that life is short and noone gets out alive. If we look back on the things that were stressing us in the past, most of us will agree that it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was at the time. I recall being in basic training when I was in the military.. how afraid I was, how much I thought I would fail and have to head home with my tail between my legs. For six weeks I lived in terror, however once it was over I missed it and realized it was so simple to get through.

Life, as we know it, is simple. We choose to complicate it when we should just be enjoying it. The boss has unreasonable demands? The dog pooped on your favorite shirt? The car is making a weird noise? Your friends are dumb enough to want Hilary for president? You suck at Call of Duty 4? So what? It’s nothing you can’t handle if you put your mind to it. So just handle it and put it behind you so you can go enjoy a nice walk in the park, letting the sun’s rays soak into your skin while you listen to the birds chirping away as they focus what’s really important.. survival.

Enjoy your life.. the only person that can make you miserable, or happy, is you.