Avoid a void.

People! I hates people! They walk on ya, and step on ya, walk on ya and step on ya.. people!

Well that’s a pleasant way to start a blog post.

Well, there’s a madness to my method.. listen up. I have a problem.. well, yet ANOTHER problem. People scare me. I’m not sure if it’s because life was rough growing up.. walking past chalk outlines to get to the bus stop, or having neighbors either O.D. or have S.W.A.T. bust into their homes, or having to stare everyone down wondering who was going to harass me for not being in a gang, or maybe being slammed face first into the concrete by some over-zealous cop who thought I was gonna rob a bank at 1am just because I was wearing a ski mask in 20 degree weather. I dunno, ok? I just dunno.

Something, somewhere, gave me this great fear of humanity. It’s rough to live life when the first thing you think about when you enter a place is how to get out, or to have the oddest thought of getting shot whenever I stop at a red light, or just to not trust people. It’s really rough when you don’t believe the world is doomed, when you actually have hope that people can still be decent and intelligent.

Sounds like you’ve lost your marbles.

Well, duh! Of course I’ve lost my marbles.. I mean, I’m having a 2-way blog post with myself! hello?!

oh… good point. Go on.

Thanks.. I just wanna take a few minutes to talk about core values. When I ask myself what mine are, I hope that mine are Kindness, Consideration, and Compassion.

That’s it? The Air Force has like 7.

Yup, that’s it.

Ok, break it down for me.

  • Kindness
    • is giving gifts to people not because you have to, but because you want to.
    • is helping people without expecting anything in return.
    • is letting someone know you value them, even if you’re angry at them.
  • Consideration
    • is letting someone go ahead of you because you respect their time as well as your own.
    • is putting the needs of someone else ahead of yours.
    • is giving away something you want because someone else needs it.
  • Compassion
    • is not allowing or enjoying the suffering of any living thing.
    • is not saying the mean things you want to say when you’re angry.
    • is not doing the things that will feel good to you, if they’ll hurt someone else.

Anything else, oh great one?

I believe in honesty.. mainly because it’s harder to remember lies, but in the end it also helps me sleep better.

You’re some kind of saint.

No, I’m just as flawed as the next guy. But I’ve lived through a lot of pain and suffering. I know quite well that my pain and suffering is a tickle when compared to others who have faced greater adversity, but that doesn’t make it go away.. instead it makes me realize that I need to release the past and help the future.

..and now the money shot.

Right.. We can’t choose the life we’ve been handed. We can’t control the joys and pains that will pass through us while we continue to gather experiences, but one thing we can control is how we’ll be remembered.

First, do no evil.. but if you must do evil, do more good.