My Tattoo

um.. what am I looking at?

Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there. This is my new tattoo. The first two pictures are from Photoshop, where I drew it.. the other two were taken at the tattoo place. Wutcha think?

I think it looks painful.

Nah, it just feels like a slight sunburn.. not too bad.

Wait a second.. didn’t you tell Vexx one time that tattoos are bad?

Well.. let me explain how I feel about tattoos.. See, Tattoos are like lawn decorations.. 1 or two isn’t too bad, but if you have 100 pink flamingos on your lawn.. that’s just ugly.

So you only have one or two.. that’s it?

Yessir, I had one installed over 10 years ago.. it’s of my kitty cat, Skat. Oh, and now I have this one too.

So what the hell is this supposed to be?

Ok, it’s not too complicated.. but try to follow along.. the broken heart represents pain.. cuz, you know, broken hearts hurt. The sword represents strength.. cuz, well, it just does.. look it up. The sword is IN the heart, but it didn’t cause the break.. so basically it means “Have strength in times of pain”. Get it?

I think you have too much free time on your hands.


Whatever.. any last words of Visdom?

Yea, you know it. Tattoos are forever, well at least until they perfect that removable ink, but for now.. thay’re forever. I thought about this tattoo for a very long time.. like I said, it’s been 10 years since the 1st one. I think before you get a tattoo it should be special. It should be something that is timeless and will still mean the same thing 100 years from now.

I just can’t understand why someone would put the Nike Swoosh or the Zune logo on themselves.. that’s just weird.. or someone’s name.. I mean are you still tight with all the people you were tight with 10 years ago? Why risk looking foolish?

I hate you.

I know, it’s ok.