Death is in the details

Today I noticed something about myself that I’ve been afraid to look at. I’ve discovered that I’m not meticulous. That’s right, I lack meticule.

What the heck is “meticule”?

Well, It’s attention to detail. Back in the day, I used to draw. I drew often.. heck, I still doodle every chance I get. I like art, and I like creating things.. that’s why I program a little, draw a little, make podcasts a little, and even try to play the piano.. a little.

Sounds like you do very little.

Exactly. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. Why? because I lack meticule. I apparently have a very short attention span.. or perhaps I have some illness by which I ..

Hey, I should be home by now.. it’s friday and it’s past 4.. wtf?

You were saying something about a lack of attention?

Oh.. right. So, it all started when I was a wee lad. I remember watching some show on PBS which made me want to draw happy clouds. So I did.. I grabbed a sheet of paper and got to drawing. Later on, I’d meet my friends who liked to draw. The would always blow me away with their skill, I’d run home and try to be like them. The problem was, the longest I ever spent on a drawing was 1 hour. Some artists spend days, even weeks perfecting what they make.. not me, 1 hour tops.

Most artists start with outlines and sketches.. not me, I always drew with a pen.. 1 shot, 1 hour tops. After about 45 minutes I get agitated. I stop enjoying the process. Why? Because I’m not good at it.. I’m never happy with what I’ve done and eventually settle for mediocre (Not to be confused with a Meaty Ogre.. Mmm).

..and you’re like this with all the other things you do.. a little.

Right.. I get mad at my programming skill because I’m not the best.. so I put off doing it. I get angry at my “acting” and editing skills so I’m always slow to make a new episode, and so on.

Hmm.. I think I read somewhere that the key to improving is persistance.

Yea, and I know that too, and I keep telling myself that I’m going to buckle down and focus on one thing and then become the best of the best at it.. but then I see something shiny and off I go in the other direction.

Good thing you’re human then. I’m guessing the point of this rant is to let people know they shouldn’t feel bad if they have problems committing to one thing, eh?

No. You’re really bad at drawing conclusions.

I never claimed to be an artist.


Your point then?

My point is this.. there are many different kinda of people. Some people are masters on one subject. They know that one subject inside and out.. but like I’ve always said when someone says they wish they knew as much about computers as I do.. for every one thing I know about computers that’s one more thing I don’t know about something else.

Am I upset by the fact that I’m a jack of all trades? Sometimes. But it’s easy to get over it when I know that I’m a programmer who: can draw, can work on a car engine, can write fairly well, can take awesome photos, can speak a few languages, can make people laugh, can read legalese, and can satisfy a woman.

Did you really need to add that last one?

No.. but then I didn’t have to add any of them. I define life as the collection of experiences acquired between birth and death, therefore I’m glad that I’m experienced in many things.. even if I’m not top dog in any one thing.