Happ.il.ly after ever.

Innnnteresting title.. another Will Smith dream?

No, but my last post got me thinking about my previous post. Let me ask you, What would make you happy?

Me? Maybe if the Miss America contest was a contest to see who gets to sleep with me.

Hmm.. If that were the case, I doubt the contestants would be quite as attractive. Regardless, today I want to remind you about the simple expression.. Happiness is the path, not the destination.

What does that even mean?

Well, many times we think about what would make us happy. We set these outlandish goals that we could never possibly reach, which keeps us from feeling happy. We forget that happiness is not something we get, it’s merely the way we choose to feel.

So people like to be unhappy?

Some do.. weirdos, but mostly no. People just forget sometimes that life is what you make of it. You can pick up your paycheck Friday and throw a hissy fit about how much more you’d rather be making.. or you can thank the stars that you still have a job in this horrendous economy! If you get in a fender-bender you can whine about the damage to your bumper or you can be glad you were able to walk away in one piece! There’s a bright side to almost everything, you just have to choose to see it.

Sooo there’s a good side to my girl screwing my brother?

Absolutely! Now you kow that your girl is not the one you should be marrying.. and as a bonus you get to sock your brother in the face!

Oooh! I’d love to do that!

You see?! It’s all a matter of perspective. The birds who wonder what life is like under the ocean are missing out on the fact that they rule the skies! They’re oblivious to the feel of the sun on their back and majestic mountains below them! We need to stop wishing we had what we are lacking, and instead appreciate all that we do have.

So I should stop having goals?

No, silly! We need goals. Goals keep us striving to better ourselves, they keep us moving towards a place where we won’t just have more, we’ll also be more. The point is that the road to our goals shouldn’t be one that’s lined with broken glass. The more we wallow in misery and whine about what we lack, the longer it will take for us to move on and realize that life is grand and life is great.