Spread the cheer, a-hole!

A recent study by Harvard concluded something that seems downright duh-able.

Is it the study that concluded that men like to have sex?

Um.. no.. not quite. They concluded that happiness spreads over social networks. You see, they monitored several social networks and noticed that when people made happy posts, then their friends would be more likely to make happy posts themselves.. which would create a happiness wave, of sorts.

So.. let me get this straight.. Happiness makes people happy?


Ok.. now.. does unhappiness make people unhappy?

You know what? It does. The same study concluded that unhappy posts would also spread.. but luckily at a lesser degree.

So it IS possible for the unhappiness of one of my social network friends to make ME unhappy?

Um.. technically, yes.

Those a-holes!

Yes! So.. the moral of the story is this.. Misery doesn’t love company.. so keep your damned misery to yourself. I am at times unhappy.. you know, life has ups and downs. I try to not focus on the unhappiness and I definitely try to keep it to myself. Sure, I’ll tell a handful of people, but I try not to Twitter, Facebook, or otherwise broadcast my misery to anyone who’ll read it. The reason I do this is quite simple.. I don’t feel the need to burden everyone else with my issue unless they are able to fix it. I mean, seriously, what good does it do anyone to know that you’re unhappy about finding out your ex has a child and it’s not with you and you’re horribly miserable about it? Sure, you gotta vent.. but do that with your close friends, not the whole world! Sadness spreads and happiness spreads.. wouldn’t you want to be responsible for spreading happiness?

Yea, Happy Happy, Joy Joy.. a-holes.