Bloody hell, it’s all in vein.

This sounds like a vampire tale.. is it?! I like vampires!

Negative, goat rider.. I was recently told that there’s no such thing as altruism. The logic behind the statement being that even if someone is being selfless, they’re doing it to be thought of as selfless, which in and of itself is selfish.


Yea, if you think about, it makes sense! ..and believe me, I thought about it long and hard.

While watching porn?

What?! No.. I don’t think so, anyway. Regardless, I had to think about it because I try to be selfless. Sure, I has some problems relating emotionally to humans, but overall I tend to be a giver and I don’t expect anything back. If you’re an avid reader, you’ll conclude that the statement I just made can’t possibly true.. after all, just last post I spoke of karma. Karma speaks of getting back what you put out, so if I believe in karma then whenever I give, I give only so I may receive, right?

Dude.. my head, it hurts.

I feel ya. I got offended when I started to think that I’m not really a good person, but merely a selfish bastard who wants good things to happen to him. That passed rather quickly though. You see, given the choice, what would you prefer? A greedy bastard who does good or a greedy bastard who does evil? Both of them may be selfish, but surely one will benefit you while the other hinders you.

The being the case, sure.. I’m greedy and selfish. I want happiness, but not just for me.. for everyone. Given a genie, I WOULD ask for world peace.. and maybe a massive penis.. but definitely world peace! To those of you who say there is no altruism I say this.. so? Do me a favor.. pretend there IS such a thing. Stop being so cynical! Believe it or not, there are actually people who don’t want anything from you.. sure, they want SOMETHING, but not neccessarily from you. Take their kindness, share their happiness while you can.. and return the favor, pass it on!