Karma Comedian

Good ol’ Boy George..What’s on your mind today, Oh Great One?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve talked to you about not spreading your personal misery, and now I want to take that a step further. You see, people have problems. Everyone.. You, The President, your favorite celebrity, your favorite athlete.. everyone. No matter how rich or how poor, how smart or how dumb, everyone has problems. That’s life.

That’s depressing.

Yes it is. Most people, they do their best to find things to help them conquer their problems. If they can’t, or it takes a while, then they move on to the next best thing.. forgetting their problems. For some this is books, sports, clubs, beer, whatever. People will try anything to get over what’s eating away at them, and while many of those remedies work, I want to talk about what really helps me.. human interaction.

Sexy time?

No.. I’m just talking about surrounding yourself with positive people. People who have problems, just like you, but they’re not wallowing in it.. moping around, waiting for a piano to fall on their head. Instead, they focus on the positives, they move forward with life and not just enjoy it, but share it.

These are the people the keep me sane. With nothing more than a smile, these people have the power to turn a bad day into a party. I try to be one of these people. I can’t count the number of times when I’ve been at the end of my rope.. in such a mood that one wrong word could potentially send me off the deep end, but then I meet or talk to one of these people and they somehow magically restore my faith in life and humanity.


Yes, angels. How awesome would that be, to have someone consider you an angel? It doesn’t require wings, a halo, or even a funky looking toga. All you have to do, is stop whining and start being genuinely concerned for others instead of just yourself! It’s easy, and most importantly, it will come back to you! Treat others with love and they will love you back.

Karma.. got it.