Petty or not, here I come!

Um.. you have some thing with Tom Petty now?

Nope. Today was a great day.. I ran a few errands and played outside in the great weather. As my day went on, I found myself experiencing bouts of sadness.

Aww, what’s wrong? Realized that because you’re such an a-hole you’re forced to do things alone?

No.. I’m always well aware of that fact. My sadness was brought on by the petty. Throughout the day I kept running into situations that were so minor and meaningless, that they did not merit sharing. Not worthy of a phone call, a text, or even a twitter. You know what I’m talking about.. itty bitty things that you would only verbalize if you were standing in front of a loved-one.

Um.. something like “my ass itches”?

Uh.. no. More “average” things.. things like “I think we should get a new trash can, this one’s starting to smell funny” or “I think I should paint the lawn furniture white.”. See? Things that aren’t important, but that you’d like to express to someone who would actually give a rat’s ass. (Sorry rats!) You see, no matter how good my friends may be, I’m pretty sure not one of them would be amused if they received a call from me asking them how long past the expiration date they think it’s ok to eat Yogurt.. I mean, it’s already Bacteria, right? What’s an extra week gonna hurt?


Yea.. but the person who shares my bed would not bat an eyelash at a question like that.. maybe a chuckle, followed by prying the spoon from my mouth.. but that’s it! Relationships bring with them tons of headaches.. I’m well aware of that, but they also bring with them the little things that make a wonderful, sunny Sunday afternoon an absolute pleasure to share. If you have it, Cherish it.