I think I’m funny..

I set up a new system at work for users to get computer help without calling me.. this is the email I sent out to inform them about it:


New Omaha Helpdesk System

In an effort to provide better support, we would like to introduce the Omaha Helpdesk Support Homepage (OHSH).
OHSH will provide a more reliable process for documenting IT support issues.
The OLD process goes something like this:
You notice an issue.
You walk over to OR call the IT cave.
You tell us your issue.
We head out to fix your issue.
We’re intercepted by someone with a seemingly greater issue.
We tend to that issue and forget all about your issue.
You don’t say ‘Hi!’ to us in the hall anymore.
Rinse and repeat.

The NEW process:
You notice an issue.
You send an email to Omaha.Helpdesk@companyx.com (Just type in ‘help’ and hit enter in the To: field.. how easy is that?!)
You include a description of your issue and a screenshot, if applicable
A ticket is generated and sent to the IT staff.
We solve your issue and close the support ticket.
You bring us chocolates.

I know what you’re thinking.. “what if the problem is Lotus Notes and I CANT SEND EMAILS?!??!??”
Relax, we’ve got you covered. Just open up your web-browser and type in:


That will take you to OHSH, where you can log in with your Windows login information and manually create the support ticket.
Obviously some situations are still going to require a phone call, but unless it’s urgent (PC on fire?), we would appreciate usage of OHSH for your IT issues.


Funny, eh?