A night of mares.

Looks like it’s that time of year again.


No, Nightmare season. It seems every year I go through a phase where I have nightmare after nightmare after nightmare. They just get stranger as they go, too. A couple nights ago I was a little boy trapped in a haunted house, forced to get Christmas decorations out of a flooding basement by my wicked step-mom (and about 10 generations before her).

Ok, so what sets last night apart that you’re all up in my face about your dreams?

Well, last night’s dream actually had horses in it!

I hope it wasn’t a sex dream. Please don’t let it be a sex dream!!

You’re a sick man, you know? No.. it wasn’t. It was just another happy-go-lucky, soul-torturing adventure.

Sweet! Now I’m interested!

Well, let’s start off with some background. My eldest brother, and his wife, are part of this little religious band. They make the rounds at the local churches in Connecticut and do their thing. In the dream, my brother had landed a gig in Colorado! Not having seen my brother since 1999, I figured it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if I made the trek out there to say Hi. That having been decided, a certain little redhead that haunts my every thought and I hopped in my Jeep and hit the road.

After a pleasant road trip, we met up with my brother and his family and had an itty-bitty family reunion. It was nice, I got to see my family, I got to show off my eye candy, and of course I was reminded that I’ll be spending eternity in hell for bla bla bla.

I don’t see how this is a nightmare.

Well, it all started getting weird when I accompanied my brother and his band to a church where they’d be performing. I noticed that as part of their gear, they were toting around this little puppy. A VERY little puppy, probably just a few weeks old. The puppy appeared to be sleeping, although panting heavily. They’d pick him up and move him from place to place and he would still remain sleeping and panting. I, of course, thought this weird and grew concerned, so I asked my brother what was wrong with the pup. He informed me that the pup had “kidneys”. This confused me, and I asked him to explain, as I too have kidneys but am not suffering the same effects. Apparently, “kidneys” was all he could recall of what the vet said was wrong with the pup, but it was a disease more akin to Anemia. Basically the pup would sleep like a rock for hours at a time, then suddenly wake and be normal until his next power nap.

Weird indeed, but hardly a nightmare.

Perhaps, but it sure was a cute puppy. I was worried!

You’re such a girl.

Anyway, since we were in my favoritest place in the whole wide world.. Colorado, my beautiful companion and I decided to do a little sight-seeing. We drove out to some hills and went on a little hike. We’re out alone in the middle of nowhere..

oooh, this is where it gets good? Boom chicka bow wow.

Shh! So there we are, alone, when we hear this weird announcer-like voice. It says “We’ve secretly switched out these kids toy guns with real-life rifles. Let’s see if they notice.” In the distance, we see these two little boys playing with what look like toy rifles, they were about 10 or 11 years old, dressed in bright orange rain jackets. The announcer voice comes back on, only this time he’s talking like a news reporter, he says “This just in, two local youths were found dead in the hills after an apparent gun accident. More at 11!” Just then, one of the boys points the toy rifle at the other, and shoots him dead. The shooter looks at his dead friend, pleased with his convincing death acting, then moves on and starts shooting random things.. a rock, a frog, the sky.. eventually he starts to realize that his gun might just be a real gun.. so he turns it on himself to look at the barrel, and it goes off and kills him!


Word! So me and “you know who” were totally freaked, we looked around for a place to get help and we saw steps leading to a log cabin. As we approached and went up the steps, we noticed horse legs protruding through the boards of a deck. Once we made it to the cabin, we noticed three horses which were being kept locked up on the deck. The owner emerged, a foreign man, perhaps Russian. He welcomed us as we frantically explained what we had seen. He nodded, showing a lack of concern, noting his pleasure that they weren’t his boys. We were in shock, but then he asked if we wanted to see his horses.. he was very proud of his horses. That one gal I was with, she loves horsies, so she all but lept at the opportunity.

We closed in on the deck and were horrified. In this tiny deck, about a twelve foot square, were three horses in pretty bad shape. The gap between the boards of the deck were spaced far enough apart that their hooves would fall through and their legs would get painfully scraped. One of the three, his legs were scraped to the bone, it was disgusting. The second horse, he was extremely malnourished. His skin was draped upon his bones in such a way, he resembled an oversized pug more than a horse. The third horse, he looked fine, except he was tired. It was his legs we’d seen as we approached. He no longer had the energy to try to stand on the deck and just laid there with his legs through the boards.

I could feel her heartbreak as she looked upon these poor creatures. She quickly lept into the deck, angrily muttering towards the owner over his obvious neglect and lack of respect for these majestic creatures. She was furious, and I respected her for it. She told him that it was his lucky day, she ran out to the Jeep and pulled out blankets, tarps, medical supplies, and other things that I didn’t even know we’d packed! She tended to the horses, and guided the man towards making the deck a safer place for the horses.. strongly recommending a bigger area for them. The man, who was obviously clueless and new to owning horses, was extremely apologetic and enthusiastic to learn the right thing to do. Of course, as angry as she was.. who wouldn’t?

Then I woke up.

What? That’s it? what about the kids? Who was the announcer?! Did you get lucky?!??

Sorry, that’s all. My stupid alarm went off.