Face your pain: A serious case of the Mondays.

Who dares disturb my slumber??! Raawwr!!

Relax tough guy, it’s just me. I have a proposition for you.

Dude, we’ve been through this.. EXIT ONLY!

Good lord, man.. no! Not that! ..not now, anyway. Are you familiar with the pain chart?

The what now?

It’s this silly little chart they have up at hospitals and doctor’s offices. It basically has some faces on it and you’re supposed to use it to describe how much pain you’re feeling at the time. It looks like this:

Pretty neat, huh?

Yea yea, So what’s the proposition? You want me to make you look like the guy on the right?

Um.. no please. My proposal is wicked dope, check it.


You see, we harbor special feelings for the certain days of the week. For instance, most of us hate Mondays and love Fridays, right?

Well.. sure.. except for those poor souls who work weekends. *snicker snicker*

Right, but like I said.. most. Anyway, since nothing hurts more than getting up for work on Monday morning, I think that should be the term used for feeling the most pain. Fridays are awesome, that’s when we get paid, laid, and get all-around rowdy.. so of course, that should be used for when you’re feelin no pain!

I’m witcha, I like it.. do you have a VISual aid?

F’shizzle, my dark-souled Nizzle!

Skid Vis Pain Chart Week DaysYup, You’ve seriously outdone yourself yet again.

Thanks, homie!

Yea.. no problem. Now come here so I can give you a serious case of the Mondays.