10 Print “Happy Today” REM: Happy Thanksgiving, BASICally.

Ah, Thanksgiving!  What a wonderful day!

Yup.. celebrating the day we picked a new group of people to kill.

C’mon now, that was years later! You’re still partial to your wedding day even though you’re divorced, eh?

Yea, but that at least celebrates me getting laid.


Anyway, be on your merry way.

Right, Thanksgiving is a great day. It’s a day to reflect on the many blessings in my life. Sure, life isn’t all flowers and rainbows, but in the grand scheme of things I’ve gotten along pretty well. The pain and misery I may encounter will only serve to fuel the flames when I rise from the ashes as a great phoenix.

That’s crazy-talk, Marge.

Sorry, irregardless (shut up!), I am most thankful for the friends I have. They are a constant source of hope, inspiration, and joy. I realize that I’m not exactly one of the easiest people to be friends with.. I’m stubborn, egotistical, opinionated, handsome, funny, smart, sexy..

Hey! Psst! Over here!

My bad! As I was saying, I can be a handful, but that’s what makes my friends so valuable. They are well aware that a friendship with me is bound to bring with it a certain level of discomfort, yet they proceed regardless. They know that I’ll turn down an invite, or be brutally honest and tell them what they don’t want to hear, or that I’ll let them down at one point or another. They know this, yet they endure. They know this, yet they check up on me to make sure I’m well. They know this, yet they lend a hand when I’m in need. They are great friends who ask for nothing in return. For them, I’m so thankful.

They say blood is thicker than water, but for sixteen years I’ve relied solely on the support of my friends. They’ve gotten me through some of the trickier moments of my life. The way I see it, my family was there to lift me out of the nest, but it’s my friends who’ve carried me through the air for the majority of my adult life. If you’re reading this, I want to thank you for your part in my success. Without you I don’t exist, and I will forever be thankful.. even if I hate you now and again.

Good lord, man.. what a wuss.

Ok, ok.. I’ll end this now before I start crying like a little girl. However, if you’re a friend of mine, and we haven’t spoken in a while, I ask that you reach out today and give me a quick call.. I’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving personally. Please call me at : 401-285-0701

I look forward to hearing from you!